email and website hosting

We host both static and dynamic sites with scripting and web applications. We also host email by itself, or in conjuction with a web site.

We own our Windows servers, but we also lease some Linux servers for the email and simpler self-managed web sites.

We don't host all the sites we work on, but we can host yours if you'd like us to. We can also help you get control of your site if you were abandon by another person or company. Just give us a call.

spam and virus filtering

We teamed up with Red Condor to offer a spam and virus filtering service for email. This service runs about $2.50 per email account per month (Red Condor requires small accounts pre-pay 12 months).

remote backup

If you want to have peace of mind about your data, then ask us about our Remote Backup service. We provide a program that you can run to select folders and files to have backed up across the Internet every night. Your data is encrypted and compressed, and even we can't decrypt it.

custom vinyl decals and lettering

We can design and print low quantity pressure sensitive labels (decals) at a very reasonable price using a digital resin 4-color ribbon printing system.

If you need cut lettering for signs, banners, or work vehicles, we can do that too!

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accounting software support

We have been working with small business accounting systems for over 25 years. We wrote our own (ARP) back in the 1980's, and it is still in use today (although with a lot of changes over the years).

Next to that, most of our work has been customizing Sage Pro Series and Vision Point. Then in last few years, we hooked up pc/MRP and Turning Point to our e-commerce gateway.

  • ARP4 (our own software)
  • pc/MRP from Software Arts
  • Sage Pro Series (formerly Best, formerly ACCPAC, formerly SBT)
  • Sage Vision Point (not sold anymore)

custom programming

We specialize in Visual Foxpro, which is an amazing relational database language. For the type of work we do, it fits extremely well. It claims some of the fastest data access times for small business applications, even beating out SQL Server in many areas. Microsoft released version 9 in March 2005, and will support the language through 2014.

Some of the applications we have built:

  • EverTRX - our ecommerce system comprised of web server processes and a back-end gateway that interacts with multiple accounting databases
  • ARP4 - an accounting application focused on industrial distibuters
  • JobTrax - a job ticket system for concrete cutting businesses
  • KIBRS 2000 - a data collection application and Internet gateway for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation
  • Ink Link - ink management for screen printers

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